Breve guida per consentire alle batterie trazione di vivere in maniera ottimale il loro ciclo
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Short guide to allow traction batteries to live their cycle in an optimal way

Short guide to allow the traction batteries to live their cycle in an optimal way, away from expensive maintenance that translates into additional costs.

Good information is an essential prerequisite for good forklift maintenance and, especially for batteries (for example using TOPPING UP SYSTEMS OMICRON topping up systems). If we talk about traction batteries, there is a lot of confusion on the market especially regarding the best type of water to be used in topping up. In fact, it is not uncommon for batteries to be damaged by a lack of attention to the water used, which is why it is always useful to remember which one to use and why.

Distilled water and demineralized water: what differences?

There are many cases where it is thought that there is no difference between distilled and demineralized water.

In reality, demineralized water or deionized water is deprived of most of the mineral salts through chemical reactions. It is treated with ion exchange resin which drastically reduces the saline residue and, consequently, the hardness and conductivity. The demineralized water is free of calcium and therefore prevents the formation of limestone and the consequent corrosive action. It is used in accumulators because it has no conductivity and prevents the formation of incrustations. The ion exchange process does not affect the sterility of the water, which can contain microorganisms and bacteria.

On the contrary, distilled water is deprived not only of mineral salts, but also of impurities, bacteria and gas. Distillation occurs through heat, whereby the water is brought to a boil and evaporated. The salts and volatile gases that do not evaporate thus separate from the water, which is then collected by cooling the water vapor. It is the common water used for medical purposes, because it represents "sterile" water.

What is the best water for refilling traction batteries to use with OMICRON TOPPING UP SYSTEMS?

In summary, it can therefore be said that distilled water is not very suitable for use to top up traction batteries. And that the correct water to use to allow the battery to live its cycle in an optimal way is water that has a value of less than 50 microsiemens (µS). Siemens (S) are the measurement unit of conductivity, the microsiemens µS are the thousandth part of Siemens: the lower the microsiemens value the greater the purity of the water.

On the market, demineralizers that have the task of purifying tap water, if loaded with ion exchange resin, produce demineralized water with a value of 0.1 µS.

Since the battery is an expensive component of the forklift truck, having the foresight to do a good maintenance, can keep it efficient over time.

So far from the water of the aqueduct: having a more or less high percentage of minerals, sometimes its hardness leaves evident residues, creating fouling and also serious battery problems that have an impact on maintenance and translate into additional costs.

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